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Dance Classes
*We have updated our times to fit with*
the new COVID-19 rules.
Please check class times carefully. 

Seniors      9am - 10am

Ages 10+years. In this class the skills and techniques are worked on, there is an allocated time within the class to work on strengthening their core, improving flexibility and improving their overall performance. The songs chosen allow a mix of dance styles to be combined together such as contemporary and jazz.

Juniors     10-11am

Ages 4 - 10 years   In this class the children will be learning skills and techniques to help them learn a variety of dance styles such as; jazz, modern, hip hop and contemporary. In this class we also do ballet at the bar and we learn the basic techniques in ballet, which help to strengthen our muscles and increase our flexibility.

Tiny Tots   11-11.30am                            
Ages 2-4  In this class the children are allowed to explore the rhythm of the music in their own way, they will be encouraged to follow the teacher and learn some basic skills and techniques. This class is about encouraging children to enjoy dance and explore moves/the rhythm in their own way.


 Tap Classes


Adult tap  9.15am - 10am

 In this class the emphasis is on fun as well as learning new steps and routines. All ages and abilities are welcome. Skills and techniques are developed each session. The steps that are learnt each session are put into routines that are built on each week.


Senior Tap    10am -11am

Ages 10+ years.

In this class they will continue to develop the skills and techniques that are important in tap, they will also continue to develop their repertoire of moves. The moves become more complex for the children to pick up, as well as the movement sequences that are put together.

Mini tap 11am -11.30am

Ages 4-10 years.

In this class they will start to develop the skills and techniques that are important in tap, they will also start to develop their repertoire of moves. They will start to explore the sounds that their shoes can make depending on which part of your foot you use. They will start to put combinations of moves together to create a sequence. 

All of the classes allow the children to develop and progress as well as enjoy what they are doing/learning. All of the children come into their classes smiling and always leave smiling, each class allows the children to have fun as well as learn and improve their own skills.