About Us




Dance.inc offers a range of different dance styles for children and adults of all ages and abilities.

The teachers are all enthusiastic and fully qualified and are working in a safe and secure environment.

All classes are inclusive, with the emphasis on progression, fun and enjoyment, whilst experiencing the world of dance.


NO audition neccessary.


Come on and enjoy the free trial classes.



We offer the opportunity twice a year to showcase what we have been working on in class.


The children like to have something to work towards as it motivates them to try hard and allows them to 'show off' what they have been doing.

However there is no pressure on the children to perform.


If you would like anymore information about us, then please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone.




Meet the Team

My name is Emma Armitage and I own Dance.inc.

I teach the tiny tots, the juniors, and seniors classes.

I have danced since the age of 3 at a local dance school in Bradford and I studied performing arts at Huddersfield New College. I am involved with various theatre companies in both Leeds and Bradford. I am also involved with a theatre school in Baildon teaching the dance.

I love teaching dance to children and adults and seeing their enjoyment when they achieve something new.

I am a Primary School teacher and I like to use my skills of teaching both inside and outside of the classroom.

Hi my name is Lara Marsh and i teach all of the tap here at Dance.inc.

Dancing has always been a big part of my life. I started dancing at the age of 3 at West Yorkshire Dance Academy. My mum took me to my first ballet class. I loved it and wanted more. So I joined modern classes and soon after I joined tap. As I got older, I helped out on a Saturday morning with the little ones and became head girl - I'm still so proud of this :)

I always looked up to my teachers and they inspired me to become a dance teacher. I wanted to be just like them! I continued here until the age of 18 when I moved away to Preston University. I started my foundation degree at Preston's Dance Academy where I completed all of my vocational exams and passed tap and modern teaching exams. I then went on to UCLAN to complete my degree in Dance, Performing and Teaching. After graduating, I decided I wanted to teach Primary so went on to study a PGCE. I am now currently a Primary School Teacher alongside Emma at a school in Keighley. I always look forward to Saturday mornings where I can still enjoy my hobby and pass on my love of dance to others. 

Hello, my name is Aisling Blain and I am the class assistant at Dance.inc.